България- Изток на Запад



Last summer Hyperion XIII traveled to Bulgaria as an official selection at the DroneUp International Film Festival. Fascinated by the unique architecture we encountered, we decided to travel the country to experience it from a new vantage point. From ancient Greek ruins to a 1,000 year-old monastery to graffiti-stained Communist-era monuments, this film explores the influence of architecture on culture and of culture on architecture.

The film is an official selection at Blue2Blue Drone Film Festival, European Drone Film Festival and Drone Focus Film Festival. 

We encourage everyone to visit Bulgaria and experience this amazing country.

Filmed on the Phantom 4.

Director: Brian J. Leitten

Drone Operator: Brian J. Leitten

Editor: Carlos Pérez

Color: Alan Louis Gordon

Music: "Beat #01 For Improvisation with Kaba Bagpipe" by SKILL

Featured in this video, in order, is the Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship, the Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria, the Defenders of Stara Zagora Memorial, Buzludzha Monument (former home of the Bulgarian Communism Party), Shipka Memorial Church, the Plovdiv Roman Theatre, Grand Hotel Plovdiv, Alyosha Monument, the Hillock of Fraternity Memorial Complex, the Rila Mountains, Rila Monastery, Rila Seven Lakes, Ivan Vazov Hut, Skakavica Hut, the National Palace of Culture, the Saint Sofia Monument and the Cathedral of Saint Alexandar Nevski.