twenty teams brave the alaskan wilderness...

In the battle for glory, Expedition Alaska will test the boundaries of teamwork and human determination.

The 74-minute film tells the story of a 7-day, non-stop endurance event that took place through the Alaskan wilderness. The documentary follows 80 thrill seekers in a 350-mile competition as they mountain bike through the sharp peaks of the Kenai Peninsula, traverse mountain ranges and crevasse filled glaciers and paddle countless life-threatening rivers and rapids. The crushing tundra, freezing water and constant sunlight of the Alaskan summer will force racers to confront their physical and mental limits.

As much of a challenge as the race was for the competitors, it was equally daunting for the filmmakers behind the documentary. This documentary is the product of the Production Master Class at the University of Cincinnati. The class focuses on experiential learning in documentary film production. Students travelled to Alaska to work alongside alumni, teachers and professionals while braving the Alaskan wilderness alongside the racers. They faced many of the same challenges s the racers and still managed to capture some of the most compelling footage of adventure racing ever seen. Once the race was over a team of over 30 students served as editors, producers, music supervisors, audio mixers and graphic designers to create a one-of-a-kind documentary. This is the fourth feature documentary production from the UC Production Master Class at the University of Cincinnati.